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Medical Aesthetics Orange NSW- Cosmetic Clinic


Achieve Your Desired Aesthetic

Medical Aesthetics Orange NSW- Cosmetic Clinic

Due to the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration- a body of the department of health) reinforcing guidelines on the

8th March 2024, we unfortunately are not able to specify our services we provide, including prices.


To find out more about our services & prices for our treatments you may book in for a free consultation or contact us on 04393423903 or email


In alignment with the regulations, we have created this new website and have updated our name as previously been known as "Medical Injectables". Please note that throughout our website we have rephrased certain words & services in alignment to the guidelines. To inquire about the changes or if you’re unsure what treatment to book in for, feel free to contact us on 04393423903 or email to discuss about consultation and treatment options.

We do apologise for this inconvenience & we are working through these changes as effectively as we can.

With Love,

The Medical Aesthetics Team




Treatments take less than 15 minutes.


Results in 3-5 days, looks amazing at 1-week, maximal effect at 2 weeks, last 3-4 months

Our clinic offers advanced facial rejuvenation treatments designed to revitalise and refresh your skin. Whether you're seeking to reduce fine lines, improve skin texture, or enhance facial contours, we have customised solutions to address your unique needs.



Treatments take 20-30 minutes.


Results immediately, 
maximal effect at 3 months.

A thread lift is a minimally invasive alternative to a surgical face lift. But it’s not just for face lifts – it is also used to lift the cheek, jowl, butt, breast, and to create the fox eye brow.

The thread lift technique lifts and tightens the skin, with very little down time, and frequently impressive and very long-lasting results.


Thread lifts are often referred to as the minimally invasive facelifts because they are filaments of polydioxanone (PDO) that are placed under the skin with a cannula. They are placed by our trained cosmetic professionals in such a way that the skin is lifted and tightened.  Over time (approximately 6 to 12 months) the threads are naturally absorbed into your skin. 

Depending on the quality, number, and placement of the thread lift filaments and person being treated with them, the results can take years off, and results typically last 2 years (mono threads) or 6 to 12 months (barbed threads). Following this minimally invasive, non-surgical facelift alternative patients can go about their daily life immediately, though we recommend two days away from work. On the other hand, a surgical facelift involves heavy anaesthetic, longer recovery and often takes a patient offline for a week or two.  



Treatments take 10-15 minutes.


Results are immediate, with minimal downtime.

Experience the latest advancements in lip treatments at Medical Aesthetics. Whether you desire plumper lips, enhanced lip contours, or rejuvenation, our doctors specialise in delivering beautiful, harmonious results tailored to your preferences.



Treatments take 10-15 minutes.


Results are immediate, and can last 6-24 months.

Want an overall facial refresh without the risk, cost and downtime associated with surgical facelifts? Cheek & Jawline volume restoration may be just what you’re looking for to achieve a youthful effect on the cheeks or to reshape your jawline for either a more feminine or more masculine look.

As we age, we lose volume in our cheeks due to loss of fat and bone reabsorption.Cheek restoration can replace the lost volume in the cheeks to help you return to a plumper, youthful shape of the face. By lifting the mid-face, cheek restoration have the added benefit of improving lower areas of the face as well, such as the nasolabial folds between the nose and the mouth.

Both men and women use jawline restoration on the jaw to adjust the structure and shape of the jawline. Men generally look to achieve a more masculine and angular jawline, whereas women often want the opposite look – a less angular, softer jawline.



Treatments takes 10- 15 minutes.


Results in 3-5 days, maximal effect at 2 weeks, last 3-4 months.

If people tend to ask you if you’re sad or upset when your face is in a neutral resting pose, you may have a common ageing problem known as “sad smile” or “marionette lines.” It’s when over time, lines form around the mouth that create a classic sad expression. This can greatly affect people’s perception of you and influence their response to you. Our non-surgical treatment which reduces deep creases around the mouth to create a dramatic reversal of “sad smile.” The result is a very smooth, youthful look of the lower half of the face. 

Have you ever been enjoying a conversation and thrown a big smile at a camera only to look at the photo later and realise you have as much gumline showing as you do teeth? Don’t despair – there are other option than gum scraping or lip surgery. Our service will treat the upper lip to effectively cover up most, or all of a gummy smile.



PRP/ Exosomes treatments take 20 minutes per session.


Results last 1 or 2 years before a booster session is needed.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)/Exosome treatments are used to stimulate hair growth and rejuvenate skin. PRP for hair growth is done by drawing a small volume of your blood, removing the red blood cells and platelet fraction rich in growth factors and nutrients, and then reinfusing them back into the tissue – scalp or skin.


PRP/Exosome can also be done for hand rejuvenation treatments.

As for your hair, think of PRP/Exosome treatments as an alternative to, or an adjunct of, medical hair treatments which can also be scripted for you in clinic. Instead of taking a pill every day for the rest of your life, or applying topical solutions to your scalp, with PRP/Exosome treatments, you can regrow your hair with 3 treatments one month apart.  



Mole and skin tag removal treatments take less than 10 minutes.


Immediate and permanent results.

Scarless mole removal is now available in Orange! Do you have moles that have been bothering you for a long time? Are they distracting and the first thing that people look at when they meet you? at Medical Aesthetics Orange you can experience a zero downtime, low risk, mole removal procedure, usually with nil scarring. We use a radio-frequency device to zip your troublesome moles of in moments, without pain, giving you immediate results. 

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